Take a Seat  // Laura Vanderwel Design

Its almost October.

As is true for many who work in publishing or media, I’ve been thinking about thanksgiving since the end of August (yes, it does really mess with you!). So I’ve had quite a head start when it comes to figuring out what I’m thankful for. The list contains the usuals: family, friends, work, opportunity, abundance…

But thanks to the article this illustration is going to be paired with, I’ve been thinking a little deeper too. I’m thankful for a metaphorical table that is laid before me that will never run out of the tasties. For a host that will never stop asking me to join Him. For the promise of eternal parties and an end to the suffering of this world. For a God that uses my weaknesses to remind me that he is sufficient (another post for another day!). For social and moral challenges to my worldview that have forced me to ask and answer tough questions. For people who take the time to encourage me and combat the negative voices I tend to listen to. For my ability to learn – and know that I can change.

So, take a seat. Skip the usuals this year and dig in a bit – what are you thankful for?