This past week a car hit my house. That’s right, a car. Hit my house.

A more apt description might be that it bounced off my house. It hit the corner of a concrete foundation wall, which is probably the strongest point of the entire house (the damage was very minimal!), and bounced to the left a few feet before stopping. The craziest part of this whole experience was the timing: I had just locked the front door, and turned around to watch it happen from my front porch.

I overheard the police saying the driver seemed to have hit the gas instead of the brake, which is why he couldn’t make the corner (our house is directly across from a stop sign). All I know is that I went from thinking about the coffee I was going to pick up (and the rim I’d be rolling) to thinking “man that guy is going fast” to “that guy is going very fast!” to “that car is coming very fast straight towards me and my house!” to “that car is going to hit my house!” to “that car just hit my house!” I will confess, I did swear a little bit. It turns out I don’t scream in emergencies, I just exclaim loudly.  I fumbled my way through calling 911 while helping the driver take a seat on my patio chair (he was “fine,” although he hit his head and did leave in the ambulance). They stayed on the line until the police arrived in droves – I think when “a car hit a house” hits the scanners they expect the worst. More than one exclaimed to me, “wow, you’re really lucky! …well, considering.”

But its true. More than anything what sticks with me after this experience was how “lucky” I was. I believe that God has his hand in all the events of my life. He counts the hairs on my head, for goodness sakes, so I’m pretty sure he knew how that morning would go down. I keep replaying the moments before impact as I saw that car speeding straight at me. It really didn’t get that close to me, but if the driver hadn’t tried to turn the results would have been dramatically different. That slight change in angle could have quite possibly saved my life and that of the driver (plus the house). Where he did hit allowed the car to stop without crushing his legs, without breaking our windows, and without hitting anything else.

I’ve been asking God “why?” Not as in, “woe is me, why me?” but like…why would a car hit my house, just in time for me to watch it, on top of all the other things that are happening in my life right now? I believe and have seen that He is active in the events of my life, so why would He bring this experience to me? The truth is I don’t really know completely – but I have never felt more sure of God being at work and never been more trusting in His capable plan. And that my friends, is not nothing.

Object: Wayward Car

Lesson: Perhaps an accidental impact is actually a directed miss. Which carries a lot of deep implications.