A Grand New Adventure


We (the Vanderwel’s) have embarked on a grand new adventure. Come January 2017 we’ll be parents to a squishy, little (and most likely long-legged) human! I’ve debated in the back of my head for a while about sharing this journey on the blog: in the end, I decided that since I’m not really sharing much else here these days I might as well just keep it real! My life is going to change, that’s the truth: naturally, so will the blog!

We’re currently clocking in at 19 weeks and 4 days, which—I’ve been reminded often—is almost half way. Thats crazy. It’s only just beginning to feel like the real-deal, mostly because of the emotional and incredible ultrasound we had last week, where we got to see little #babyvdwel wriggling and kicking, flipping and chewing, hiding from the camera and demonstrating how very real this really is!




As far as the learning curve is concerned, I think I’m still somewhere on the horizontal plane. Yesterday I bought a diaper bag online, decided which stroller I’d really like to find second-hand (and then found it!), and became 85% sure I’m going to do cloth diapers. All these things feel HUGE. But then I think about all the things left to learn…like how to actually have a baby around, much less HAVE a baby…and its pretty daunting! Halfway there and nowhere near prepared :D! But we’ll figure it out. Everyone else does :P.

We’ve made some progress on the “nursery project,” moving Dwayne’s office into mine and creating a cozy, cramped workspace where we can both get stuff done (while the cat poops and eats in the corner). So far I’m actually loving that we can hang out in the same room while doing our own thing – having our own offices was nice, but totally unnecessary! The cat loves it too – he sprawls on his back on the floor between us in his “I’m so happy I could die” pose.

As is proving true for us, we’re not doing this thing halfway, and we’ve decided to use the leftover flooring from our basement renovation to put laminate down in the hallway and two smaller bedrooms (nursery and office). We’ve also got to paint away the turquoise and get closet doors before we paint all the upstairs doors and install the trim. We put the new doors in over a year ago, and have been living in a half-renovated state while we contemplated flooring and then spent 6 months re-doing the basement suite :D.

And of course, I’ve got to decide on some decor: I’ve launched Lop + Lore and have a good selection of artwork already available to me, but I’d love to create something JUST for my little babe. Of course, that goal carries a bit of pressure so we’ll see what happens! That hippo + chick combo I put together for this post is pretty cute… :P.