What can I say about this kitchen? It was an awkward waste of space, dingy, falling apart, dark, and frankly kind of gross. The laundry unit was in the corner, the dishwasher was portable (and didn’t work), and there was only a single sink—On the opposite side from the stove and kitchen. The only place for a dining room table was right in the center, and did I mention that this is the suite front entrance?

Here are some before photos…





Here are floor plans (not exactly measured lol, more like eye-balled) to illustrate what we did to maximize the space and pull this basement back into the light. By opening up the walls we re-captured the wasted space of the MASSIVE storage closet (almost bedroom size!) and opened the kitchen up to the light from the big front windows in the living room. The kitchen has only a small window above the sink, so we needed to steal light from elsewhere :D. We also condensed the whole kitchen into half the space and put in an island, allowing us to fit an extra closet, laundry room, pantry, AND dining room. Seriously. It makes so much more sense now! Plus, we got to put in a beautiful new beam that became the focal point of the whole space. So much work…but so worth it! I think the most tedious part was scraping up the two layers of laminate and the glue it left behind, most of it with water and a hand scraper (it was that stubborn)! Moving the laundry unit required jack-hammering a trench through the foundation floor, but I don’t think Dwayne considered that much of a hardship in spite of the physical effort :D. Men and their power tools!






We bought the “new” kitchen cabinets from a woman in New West who was redoing her kitchen. They were original to her late 80’s home and had only ever been used by her, so the wear on them was super minimal. They’re solid maple, and I find their simple style is pretty timeless (and lacking that pink-orange tone that so many cabinets from this era sport – including the ones we have upstairs lol). Plus, they were a steal, costing less than half as much as the counter tops :D. I put on all new hinges and handles (which were the one thing we salvaged from the old suite) and they look amazing. Even if some of the arrangement is a little special (the two skinny cabinets beside the microwave open the same direction :D).

The floors we put in are a mid-line laminate that the flooring company had in stock thanks to a huge developer order, so they came at a good price. We considered doing vinyl plank flooring, which is beautiful, convenient, and just plain awesome…but also expensive, and in the end decided we couldn’t justify the cost. The whole suite is painted in Benjamin Moore “Misty Grey” with a few accent walls of “Bunny Grey,” which is just one tone darker. Its really not much of an accent since you can barely see it, but I’m still happy with the choices!

The front door got an upgrade to one with a window, which allows a teeny tiny bit more light into the space that never-the-less makes a difference.

I can’t forget to mention the island pendant light, which cost me $10 at the ReStore :D. Its probably my favourite thing in the whole suite!

So without further ado…the kitchen AFTER!