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Piano Studio Brand

Piano Studio Brand

Piano Studio Brand

Piano Studio Brand

Piano Studio Brand

McKee Piano Studio is a small studio located in the Greater Vancouver area that offers piano lessons and exam preparation for pianists of all levels. Elizabeth McKee, ARCT, BMUS, MMUS, has spent the last 20 years perfecting her skills as a professional pianist, learning from and performing for top musicians and teachers around the world. Her specialty is working with students who really take their learning seriously, and she desired a brand that would communicate her professionalism – as well as her personality. As principle operator, she wanted a brand that would represent both herself and her skills. I was pretty thrilled that her tastes happen to jive completely with the visual world of pianos and music, and we moved forward with a modern editorial style and sleek palette of black, white and red. She required a complete branding package, delivered primarily as a functioning responsive website and including a photoshoot for head shots.

The McKee Piano Studio brand appeals to serious musicians and would-be musicians, but doesn’t discount those who are just starting out. The classic palette of black and white with pops of red is a not-so-subtle nod to the elegance and poise of a classical grand piano, but also communicates the modern and sophisticated presence that Elizabeth herself exudes. Through this modern brand and responsive web application, we were able to position Elizabeth as a desirable source for musical eduction to both experienced piano players and parents of those who may one day be professionals themselves.


Logo design // brand package // responsive website // head shots



Introducing: Lop + Lore!






I have this thing from my childhood. I don’t remember when it came into my life – it honestly seems like I always had it. “It” was named Lop, and it was a plastic mouse shaped like an L. It was never a favourite toy or go-to inanimate friend, but for some reason it had special meaning to me. I’d lose it and then discover it in some dusty corner and joyfully cry, “Lop!” and study it with happiness. It always seemed to be smiling and had these weird bubble eyes that seemed like they should be creepy but weren’t. Before long it would get put down again in some other corner or box or drawer until the next time.

When I began refining my desire to open a print shop, it was that memory of Lop that helped me craft my vision. That unexplainable fondness for a random icon of my childhood, and the way it fit perfectly into my world at the time – that is what I want to create through my art prints. The things that were a part of my childhood space helped craft my imagination, and my imagination as a kid helped craft the way I see and interact with the world as an adult. I am a firm believer in imagination and creativity, and how nurturing these things allows us to be critical thinkers and active participants in our world.

I am also a firm believer in fun and beauty, and let those two requirements guide each piece I’ve created for the shop. We’ve got partying pandas, ambitious giraffes, and playful foxes. We’ve also got cozy deer and dreaming babies. The future probably holds some rowdy raccoons and maybe a squirrel or two…who can say for sure? The beauty of this story, like any other, is that we don’t know yet where imagination will take us!

I hope you enjoy Lop + Lore, and that you might find the perfect piece for a little one in your life, or know someone who might enjoy shopping at Lop + Lore. My business goals at this point are very modest, but my seeing these characters find homes and imaginations to encourage would make me happy as a clam (or perhaps an oyster, one that has worked really hard turning that grain of sand into a pretty little pearl…?! ). Thank you sincerely for reading, and shopping, and sharing, and following. You are the best!




Branding Project: Living Bridge Media Canada

Living Bridge Media Canada // Laura Vanderwel  Design My latest greatest project in the office has been putting together some official branding for our Agency, Living Bridge Media Canada. The logo was originally developed just over a year ago as a test run, but time and expansion has finally dictated an official branding package, including stationery and a tradeshow banner. The branding is professional and media focused, communicating the radio based marketing and media services of the agency. An image taken in our recording studio serves as the key graphic, dictating colour choices and tone. Living Bridge Media Canada // Laura Vanderwel  Design Living Bridge Media Canada // Laura Vanderwel  Design Living Bridge Media Canada // Laura Vanderwel  Design Living Bridge Media Canada // Laura Vanderwel  Design Living Bridge Media Canada // Laura Vanderwel  Design