Insight for Living Canada is the Bible-teaching Ministry of Chuck Swindoll. I am employed full-time as the in-house graphic designer, and had the privilege of seeing this project through from concept to completion. IFLC is a media based non-profit that operates primarily on the radio. In a world of advancing technologies, we needed to create a website that would not only allow us to keep up, but would allow us to offer our endless resources in the most convenient and future-ready way possible. The previous website was dated, difficult to navigate, and had hundreds of resources hidden in its depths that were never accessed by visitors. Our users often display appreciation for these resources, so we knew the value of creating a web tool that would allow them to really learn and explore would be effort well-spent. The new website needed to serve first our users to fulfil our mission of Bible-teaching, and second serve our fund-raising needs of creating a strong and relatable brand that our donors will be eager to support.



The new Insight for Living Canada website is a showcase for the refreshed brand. We worked very hard to simplify our visual presence into a clean, modern brand that is true to our brand personality: fresh, friendly, and straightforward. The most work went into creating a robust and cohesive UI. The site revolves around a integrated “resource library” made up of hundreds of audio, video, and written resources that are categorized and interlinked to allow users interested in any number of topics or criteria to search with ease. I created a detailed wireframe, individual page designs, interractive mock up via inviosionapp, before handing it over to our web developers. We worked closely throughout development to ensure consistent styling, proper functionality, and sleek responsiveness. Once the site was near completion we did 10 sessions of user testing, which brought to light things we had missed, potential challenges, and a deeper understanding of our user. The testing prompted a few major and minor tweaks and resulted in a website that we were confident in. Our web presence is finally representative of the ministry brand as a whole, and allows users to take full advantage of the many resources we offer them.