I worked with the SHIYR Poets and Living Bridge Media Canada to design a customized, full-service website. Working with pre-existing artwork, we centered the design around the album artwork of their first volume, “Songs of the Journey,” and aimed for a clean, concise design that would be simple to adapt to match future artwork. The project included site design, email design, and product/tshirt photography.

Making the world’s most loved and ancient songbook new again.

The Psalms express the human longing for God with poetic artistry and emotional force. They release the voice of praise and resonate with the universal cry of pain.

The SHIYR Poets (pronounced ‘Sheer’) are Brian Doerksen, Calum Rees, Brian Thiessen & Teresa Trask. ,Choosing not to censor out the dark and difficult emotions, the SHIYR Poets render each psalm in its entirety, singing songs of desperation, desire, justice and praise.

Logo Design: Rod Sawatsky (rodsg.com)
Album Artwork: Gordie Cochran at Fabric Creative (fabriccreative.com)
Site Creation: Margret “Pax” Williams

  • Project Type: Website Design