This is, My Heart

Hear me God, when I whisper your name without conviction
Even though I am a weakling and unwilling to risk myself
Are you, Great and Powerful Creator God, really such a fan of me?
Righteousness alone should keep me far from you. I am not worth what you’ve paid.
This is where I find myself, prostrate, before your mercy. And here you respond with…Love?

Hear me, Child, when I whisper your name in the quiet
Even though you have your hands over your head, eyes squeezed shut, determined and afraid
Are you, Beloved, really so ignorant of how much I’d pay for you?
Righteous as the new dawn, you are perfect because I’ve chosen to make you perfect.
This is, why you find yourself here, elevated above creation, firmly in my grip. Did you hear that, My Heart?

*Inspired by Psalm 119, which, according to the footnote is an acrostic of the hebrew alphabet